The first fill Is always free!
On all new Tanks you buy from us.

Tank Size       Est.Shots        Tank Size       Est. Shots
7oz                    350                  14oz                700
9oz                    425                  16oz                900
12oz                   600                  20oz              1100

NOTE: These are estimates  
How many shots with HP Tanks
Tank Size          Est. Shots        Tank Size               Est. Shots
48cu   3000psi         480                 48cu 4500psi          720
68cu   3000psi         680                 68cu 4500psi         1020
88cu   3000psi         880                 88cu 4500psi         1320
96cu   3000psi         960                 96cu 4500psi         1440
110cu 3000psi       1100               110cu 4500psi          1650
114cu 3000psi       1140               114cu 4500psi          1710

with some of these new Marker that run on real low pressure
you may get up to 50% more shots
Full line of Nitro Tanks
From the steel 47ci 3300psi up to 88ci 4500psi
If we don't stock it where more then happy to order it for you
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