Empire Magna Loader
comes in many colors
1- Magna-Drive - Magnetic clutch System
2- proprietary RF Capabilities for Wireless Activation
3- Easy Access Battery Pack (no tools required)
4- Magnetic Lid and HALO Rip-Drive
5- Durable Polycarbonate Body and Reinforced
Feed Neck
6- New Reduced Profile Body Design
Empire Prophecy Black
A • Quick load battery compartment (no tools required)

B • Interchangeable "snap in/snap out"
one piece feed neck

C • Ultra-strong one piece interchangeable front body
design with increased strength at the most impacted

D • Magnetic force easy load lid
Empire Prophecy Loader

The Empire Prophecy Paintball Loader System with Halo Technology. The Empire Prophecy is the future of loader
technology realized today. Precisely crafted with a blend of traditional styling and new ultra advanced technology
and features, the Empire Prophecy is the revelation of loader technology.
NO TOOLS REQUIRED! That’s right, no tools…period. You no longer need any tools to work on your loader, change
the battery, disassemble to clean, swap out lids, etc. – just utilize the intuitive snap and lock techn and you are good
to go.
Easy to use electronic functionality and the all new quick change clutch set up (no loader disassembly required!),
along with the integrated freeway anti-jam and multiple speed settings, result in the Empire Prophecy being the
fastest, gentlest on paint, easiest to use, and the most advanced loader in the long, successful history of the HALO
Technology legacy.

• Quick change back plates - allows for changing logo's or software/interface
updates on aftermarket boards
• Motor sensing with anti-pop-corning technology
• High torque Magna Drive™ motor for reliable, consistent feeding
• Reversing ramp - lifts balls up and out of the drive to prevent jams and
broken paint
• Advanced drive system with preload drive carrier extension - aids
consistency and auto clears jams
• Low friction fully ball raced Delrin drive carrier and extension
• Magnetic force loading for fast, consistent feed – no spring to pre wind
• Integrated Empire Freeway™ Antijam and anti-blowback venting
• Sound Activation and/or RF (radio frequency) Activation with 6 speed
Empire Reloader Motorized Sound Loader Black
What's the deal with a sound activated loader? An optical sensing loader "prevents" misfeeds while with the
Reloader they simply don't happen. While an optical loader basicaly acts like a regular gravity fed loader until it
senses a misfeed and then rotates the paddle, the Reloader never waits for a misfeed to happen. Instead it loads a
ball everytime the marker is fired. Kinda make ya wonder how you ever lived without it!
This latest version of the Reloader features an improved shell design, magnetized lid that won't wear out, and a
contained battery door so you won't lose it!
HALO B With Rip Drive Black


The #1 paintball loader system just got better with a Factory-Installed Rip Drive, allows you
to manually feed up to 15 balls per turn into your marker in case of battery failure during a
game, or to clear a ball jam due to out-of-round paint.

True Force Feed:
The HALO B is unlike any paintball loader ever designed. It is a true force feed loader that
keeps tension on the ball stack . This allows the HALO to actually accelerate (faster than the
gravity limitations other loaders have) balls via spring tension into the marker. It also
prevents the marker from disturbing the ball stack with blow back pressure.

Computerized pre-feeding:
The HALO's built in computer monitors the motion of the ball stack, feeding when motion is
detected. This ensures that a gap in feeding never occurs (unlike other loaders which use
their sensing system to actually detect a gap - meaning a gap is REQUIRED before they
feed more balls - creating a design limitation).

Spring Tension:
Halo's feed system uses a drive spring. This spring is used to store the energy that is used
to tension the ball stack, and accelerate ball feeding. The computer controller and motor are
used to keep tension in the spring - the spring does the actual pushing of the ball stack.

Sensor Limitations (Black Paint):
The Halo's sensor system works by detecting motion of the ball stack using infrared
technology. Some black shelled paints are infrared absorbing so that HALO has difficulty
detecting them. Because of this, we do not recommend you use black shelled paint (or half
black shell paint) with the HALO. All other colors work fine (including dark blue, purple, etc).

Making HALO work best with YOUR particular marker

New technology:
With the new abilities that HALO delivers, markers are now able to fire at rates never before
achievable. As with any new technology, adjustments to existing technologies sometimes
need to be made to take advantage.

Why adjustments are needed:
Every marker is different (even individual markers of the same model often have remarkable
tolerance differences!). Many markers are designed (understandably) to be as quick and
efficient as possible. Because of this, in many designs very low air pressures are used to
move the bolt back and forth.

Pressure on the bolt:
Because the HALO has spring pressure on the ball stack, there is pressure applied to the
top of the bolt as the marker fires the current ball. Most markers handle this pressure fine
without adjustment, some require adjustments in low pressure return to compensate for this
added drag.

Ball alignment:
There are many variables that affect the ball stack's alignment. Bolt position, breach
diameter, indent design and/or freshness, etc. Because the HALO ball stack is under
tension, ideally the ball in the marker's breach should be kept in alignment with the stack.
This is the default case with most marker designs. If this ball is allowed to roll backwards or
forwards when in the breach, it allows the next ball in the stack to protrude into the chamber,
which can cause the marker's bolt to slice the bottom of this next ball (as it is held there with
spring tension).

Known adjustments:
Most markers work fine with HALO right out of the box. Some markers we have found work
better with the following adjustments:

First off, with any marker that is having a feeding issues:
-make sure your HALO has fresh batteries
-make sure your marker has fresh indents
-make sure you are not using black shelled (or half black shell) paint.

Angel IR3: Most IR3s are fine out of the box, but if you have an IR3 that is chopping, we
recommend you:
-adjust your Dwell from the factory setting of 14 to 17
-adjust your LPR to 95

Intimidator: Most Timmies are fine out of the box. We have seen some that have the bolt
approximately 1/8th of an inch further back than most (causing an alignment problem). The
fix is to put an adjustable RAM CAP into the marker which allows you to reposition the bolt
forward, realigning the ball stack.

Uses 6 AA batteries, not included."  
If we don't stock it where more then happy to order it for you
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